Welcome to LEViBox

Switch on a lamp with a phone, over the internet. Check the temperature at your home. Get some intelligent card, write some code, burn, connect to a server, write a code in your app, use special API, make a connection... Hard work? Not now! We give full solutions for Corona users. And... Get Push Notification if flooded at home... is a good thing. Let's do it! Simply, and working.

For what?

Control a simple plugin, or the
Garage door over your own application.
Just buy one LeviBox, and we give:
Full API (Corona support)
Sample code for the device.
Then you can create your own house automation app, or any application for special jobs, where need to use external devices.
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RelayBox 2/5/8 relays (250V/10A)
TemperatureBox with in/out sensors
Weather station (temp., humidity, barometric..)
PIR Motion detector Box
Ultrasonic distance Box
LCD display Box (LCD or TFT displays)
SensorBox for our sensors (see in shop)
ProBox 14 IN/52 OUT for complicated jobs
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API (Corona supported)

We give full API, and sample codes.
Means, the only thing what you have to do:
If you are Corona user, then just Copy the
levibox.api file to your project folder,
set up the type of the box in the header,
and copy the commands from the sample code.
If you use any other environment, just see
the main API.
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Our Products

Commander Box

All LEViBox have a pre-loaded API compatible communication software, what working together with our API file.
For Corona users we provide 'levibox.lua' file, what you have to insert to your Corona project folder. Then you can call the commands in your .lua file. The commands you can see here, or find in the template code.
We use Cortex3/4 processors. There are cards for simple solutions, and for complicated jobs, but basically we can connect a lot of type by sensors, relays, detectors, LCD or TFT displays, gas detectors, etc..
Before sending, we test all devices.
For special config, please contact us.
LEViCon 2014.

Why is so good?

Bridges between phones and devices

  • Simple, fast, trusty.
  • You don't have to learn more 5 type codes...
  • Full API for Corona users
  • If you are Corona user, then now you can open a brand new session for your applications...
  • Can solve serious jobs
  • You can write a code for special solutions. You are in the PRO level now.
  • Support
  • If you have any questions about a solution, or if you need help for your project, we are here :)
  • Extra
  • If you need a special hardware, with special API...just let us know. We get the contact with you.

Small FAQ

Sample for LEViBox R2 API

  • 1-Change your Box ID
  • leviboxid="xxxxxxxxx"
  • 2-Give some commands
  • lbrelay1on(); lbrelay2off(); lbrelaystatus()
  • 3-Read the values
  • print (lbrelay1value) // 1=relay on - 2= relay Off
  • Dynamic DNS
  • All box use our DNS service. With the box id, you can access the box from anywhere. No need any additional settings.
  • One Box - one time cost
  • We don't have monthly costs. And: for each levibox we provide one year free dynamic DNS service. Please don't forget to register.